Highland Honey is produced from Boulder County Colorado apiaries. It is raw, unheated, and creamed so it will never further crystallize.

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Herbal Travel Pack Plus Creamed Honey


All 7 Herbal Honeys + 1 Classic Creamed Honey!

The 2 oz Travel-sized jars of Creamed Herbal Honey are a great introduction to all 7 Herbal varieties comes complete with a jar of Creamed Honey so you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating botanical infusions.

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Starter Pack of 4 Travel Sized honey


3 Herbal Honeys + 1 Classic Creamed Honey!

A starter pack of our 2 oz. Travel-sized jars is great for travel and moderately priced. The new Travel4 features Highland Honey's unique raw creamed honey along with 3 of our best selling herbal honeys.


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Pints and Quarts of creamed honey is Highland Honey's most economical size

Creamed Honey w/a spreadable texture

5.2oz: $8.99 | 9oz: $12.99 | 13oz: $15.00 | Pint: $19.50 | Quart: $38.99

Size Price
5.2 oz. $8.99
9 oz. $12.99
13 oz. $15.00
Pint $19.50
Quart $38.99

herbals honeys are highland's best selling honey


Herbal Creamed Honey, 5.2 oz. Jars


Highland Honey follows time honored traditions of infusing creamed honey with botanical remedies.
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Grab n' Go Creamed Honey

Perfect Stocking Stuffers and great for Carry-On Travel!

Twelve of 1.5oz. jars of honey

Twelve 1.5 oz jars of creamed honey: $3499

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Twelve of 2.2oz jars of honey

Twelve 2.2 oz jars of creamed honey: $4850

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